Australia is our adopted home. Here is a selection of favourite photos from this beautiful country.

Our last Christmas in Sydney

Christmas at the pub in Oz.....yes that christmas tree is made of beer cans.

One of our first rides on the brand new DR's, just up to Dee Why, north of Sydney.

Jeff's DR beside his '69 BSA A75R....the supercharged beastie

Sydney showing her mood one morning

One of our first off road trips, Settlers road, St Albans

Going down to the Horizons Unlimited meeting in Marysville, got to ride with the 'roos

On the way from Sydney to Byron Bay

On our way back from the Horizons Unlimited meeting, South-Central NSW

That day I discovered that speed is not always your friend

I have a lot to learn about riding in sand.....

Mount Panorama

Delivering the bikes to be crated and sent to Argentina

Happy New Year Sydney 2016!