Definition: Farkle

                   To add any accessories but especially those intended to increase the function of a motorcycle -- vs. those intended to glamorise (i.e. if an accessory is chromed, it is probably not a farkle - see Bling). Examples include items that do not arrive as standard equipment on the motorcycle, such as heated grips, highway pegs, top and side cases or suspension upgrades.

To Farkle or not to Farkle?

With respect to the DR650se, most people who know them will tell you that they are a very capable, eminently rugged and notably simple bike......however, those same people will also point out that to make them a really useable bike on and off road, in particular for extended touring, certain modifications are essential. There is also a long list of modifications that are very popular among owners which further improve the bikes comfort, durability or cover certain known issues. Fortunately, there are many suppliers stocking quality parts for the DR650se, such as Vince Strang in Australia and Procycle in the U.S. 

With so much availability, the challenge is to decide which modifications to make. There's lots to consider - cost, weight, function, durability (does it make the whole bike less reliable) and so on. A main driver for us was not wanting to change the fundamental parts of the bike - engine and frame - to any extent that makes sourcing spare parts more complicated throughout the world, besides the engine is known for being a tough little donkey so any major modification would likely make it less reliable.

The following sections are in no particular order, follow the links at the bottom of the page to see reviews of some of the parts that were installed. With the exception of the suspension we made all the changes ourselves. I'm not a mechanic and I think anyone who has done a little tinkering or bikes or cars before can also do it. Sally also did all her own work on the bike.

In the beginning......

This is how the bikes looked when we first laid eyes on them at Sydney City Motorcycles


The image below outlines most of the modifications and parts fitted to our bikes.

The following are links to product review pages.