Bike: Wallace, 2013 DR650se                                                                                                            Country: Born in Scotland, lived in Australia the last 35 years                                                            Years riding: 17                                                                                                                                  Off Road riding experience: Not much, lots to learn                                                                        Previous international motorcycling experience: Nil                                                                        Most looking forward to: Natural wonders and camping out under the stars                                    Afraid of: Bears (specifically being eaten by one)


 Bike: Gromit, 2014 DR650se                                                                                                            Country: Born in Wales, lived in Australia the last 10 years                                                            Years riding: 2                                                                                                                             Off Road riding experience: Not much, lots to learn                                                                        Previous international motorcycling experience: Nil                                                                        Most looking forward to: Seeing Jeff being eaten by a Bear                                                   Afraid of: Natural wonders and camping out under the stars

About Horizons Unlimited

Do you have an idea that you would like to tour your country - or even the world - from the seat of a motorcycle. 

Not sure where to begin, what sort of bike do I need, what gear to take, how to ship the bike?

For the answers to all questions related to overland travel, is a great place to start. Grant and Susan Johnson host the website, they travelled the world on their BMW R80 G/S for 11 years and have a handle on just about everything there is to know about motorcycle travel. The website is a great resource, full of information submitted by fellow travellers. To really kick the bug into high gear, their DVD series 'The Achievable Dream" is great to watch. It's also a grand idea to attend one of the HU events, you can watch presentations from experienced travellers, meet dozens of like-minded souls and check out what other riders have done to make their bike a touring beast.

Here's a shout-out to the website, although it should come with a warning.

View at own risk - you might actually find yourself doing it!