NSU switch lockwire kit

There is a lot of discussion about the NSU (Neutral Sending Unit) switch of the DR650se. It seems fairly common for the screws holding the sensor to be a little on the loose side. The sensor body is plastic and, over time this may lead to the hot and cold cycling of the engine loosening the screws to the point where they fall out. For them to get to this point is, apparently quite rare however, the consequences can be catastrophic for the motor. In most cases when one of the screws has fallen out, it has fallen into the spinning clutch basket and turned it instantly into a one thousand piece puzzle. The lucky ones find the screw stuck to their magnetic drain plug - if you have one fitted - during their oil change.

It's a simple fix, either a spot of blue loctite on the screws or a lockwire does the job. Who knows why Suzuki don't do it at the factory?

While I wasn't totally comfortable disassembling the clutch myself (a necessary step in getting to the NSU switch), I eventually decided that I couldn't ignore to possibility of a screw loosening on our RTW trip and so I decided to go ahead and do something about it on both bikes (naturally).

NSU lockwire kit from Procycle

Procycle sell a lockwire kit for USD44.95, I decided that this was a better solution than loctite alone, think of it as a belt and braces approach. The kit includes everything needed including a new clutch case gasket and clutch basket lock washer.

The kit comes with clear instructions, even describing a method to remove the clutch basket nut without needing the special clutch holding tool (hint, put the bike in fifth gear and chock the rear wheel with your foot - worked perfectly).

I was lucky, on both bikes the clutch cover came off cleanly and I was able to reuse the gasket, saving me a job of cleaning the surfaces.

As it turns out, on both bikes the screws were loose enough to be a concern; more than finger tight but requiring only light pressure on the screwdriver to undo them.

The photo below shows the screws lockwired. I'm happy not to have to worry about it from now on.