Our Bikes have arrived!

[Sally] It's finally the day to collect our bikes from customs at Buenos Aires international airport. It takes about 8 hours all up and that is good going by all accounts (and compared to three Italians who had been trying for a week to clear their bikes). We had magnificent help from Sandra at Dakar Motos http://www.dakarmotos.com/argentina.htm and it would have taken us a few days for sure, without her.

We spent a few hours during that time assembling the bikes as parts had been removed for crating up - front wheel, wing mirrors, wind screen - and to reconnect the battery. No photos as it wasn't allowed in the customs area.

Unfortunately the bikes arrive, as per the rules, without any fuel in them and we can't bring fuel into the customs area. So we have to push them to the customs exit. I wait while Jeff goes to airport petrol station for 2 gallons of fuel, but we can't ride there from the customs area. We have 11kms of motorway to the next petrol station and Jeff has trouble with some strange tuning from the last service - and a gallon of fuel barely comes above fuel taps on our 30 litre tanks.  Jeff has to stop every 3 kms to jiggle his bike and blow into the fuel tank to encourage it along.

Anyway we manage our first ride to down town Buenos Aires on the wrong side of the road, in a strange land, strange language, and some very close and casual driving. This was my first fear - riding from the airport - but cracked it and it's not as bad as riding in Sydney!